Outdoor CS sports RunQi P90 original gearbox wave box Gel ball blaster toy accessory NA22

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1, the original upgraded version of the green wave box, with the original black tube, the tube is not pressed.
2, P90, 7 millimeter refit wave includes refitting 1.3 spring, 370 motor 5030, making air tightness, doing lubrication, replacing your acrylic inner tube 7 millimeter, using 7 millimeter water bomb, increasing initial speed and ensuring good stability, please use 7-7.3 millimeter and hard water bomb. Wave tube lengthened to 29 cm, just to reach the exit. Fast speed, high speed, the use of the new magazine for smooth play.
3, the reversion of the upper spin version includes 1.3 spring, 370 motor 5030, air tightness, lubrication, replacement of your acrylic inner tube 7 mm, use 7 millimeter water bomb, increase the initial speed and ensure good stability, please use 7-7.3 mm and hard water bomb. On the increase of hydrocyclone, wave tube is lengthened, extending to the exit. Fast speed, linear distance up to 25 meters, the effect of catching up for Kam Ming, please use the new cylinder ammunition will be more smooth. When installing, do not distort and oppress the top up and the pipe, or lose the on-line effect. The shell at the outlet of the upper swirl must be polished and thinner. Otherwise, it will not be put down.

Attention: the first use of the wave box tube is more dry, start to please single launch, and use water with water bomb to lubricate the barrel, after 10 rounds of bullets, the tube can be used normally after lubrication, or will damage the wave box!!!!

Note: the wave box is a semi finished product. No suggestion of refitting ability is not bought. The converted wave box will be issued after testing. If you mind, please do not buy it. The sale will not be returned.

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