Outdoor activity CS LMP308SS- Water Elastic Decoration Fish Bone New will Fish Bone Jinming 8 Generation Fish Bone TTMMGPbd5566

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Length: 50cm front fire cat for upgrade material (S) 14mm reverse teeth.
Interface classification: BD556 TTMMGP threaded version
Jinming 8 generation /XM316- direct insertion version
The black bull needs to be cut to modify the sun ring/or to convert the straight plug ring into 35mm external diameter
Cut and refit the sun ring 
 New will ,cut and retrofitted solar ring to install


To configure:
No. 3 length 12 cm inner diameter 11 mm, tube two he root +No. 2 to load one of the top upper spin tubes.You need to buy topspin tubes yourself,Print top up required loading dimension external diameter 16mm length maximum is 8cm,QD buckle one
A fish bone
Air guide seat
Two stable rings.

The inner tube recommends buying 40cm and then truncating it to 36-37cm.

After arrival, open the front quick connect screw thread and load your own top spin, then thread off.

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