LMP-CQB16 water bomb upgrade material decorated fishbone Fishbone TTM-MGP-bd556 of new Weier fish bone Jinming 8 generation M61

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Length: 46cm , front fire cat as upgrade material (S) 14mm reverse teeth.
Interface classification: BD556 TTM MGP threaded version
Jinming 8 generation /XM316- direct insertion version
The black bull needs to cut and retrofit the sun ring  or turn them into 35mm outer diameter rings.straight plug.
New will, cut and retrofitted solar ring and install v.


To configure:
No. 3 length 12 cm inner diameter 11 mm, tube two he root +No. 2 to load one of the top upper spin tubes.You need to buy topspin tubes yourself,Print top up required loading dimension external diameter 16mm length maximum is 8cm,QD buckle one
A fish bone
Air guide seat
Two stable rings.



The inner tube recommends buying 40cm and then truncating it to 36-37cm.

After arrival, open the front quick connect screw thread and load your own top spin, then thread off.

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